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Health and Safety Illustration

Visual communication plays an important role in conveying ideas, concepts and information to employees and customers. The brain processes more from images, this gives a more optimized and long term retention and higher pattern recognition when learning.

'A picture paints a thousand words' demonstrates the power of visual learning.

Illustration showing employees getting along, as opposed to employees fighting.

Visual communication increases the aesthetics of any presentation, manual, leaflet, handbook, or poster - making information easier to process and understand.

Hazard Awareness

All work is unique, bespoke and to the highest standard. Branded with your company colours, logo, specific PPE, plant and setting. This creates familiarity with employees and helps the message to 'land'.

Professional design service is also available, with text and visual layout. Final high resolution artwork is supplied ready for your print or web requirements.

Illustration of a meter reader slipping on wintry ice outside a customer's property.
Illustrated poster showing health and safety around the office, toilets and car park.

Operational Standards

Detailed illustrations showing correct site set up and procedures. These visuals were part of a very successful campaign, with Lanes Group achieving the 'Health & Safety Initiative of the Year Award' issued by Construction News.

Illustration showing operatives performing catch pit maintenance on a railway line at night.
Illustration showing correct site set up for Hot Cure procedure, refrigeration van, 3 tier scaffolding platform.
Illustration showing operatives carrying out Non Highway Blockage Clearance in a manhole in Piccadilly Circus.
Safety illustration showing Lanes Group operatives performing Ambient Cure operation on a driveway.
Illustrated hazard spotting poster showing hazards on a construction site.
Illustrated poster showing unsafe walkways around a construction site.

Storyboards and Leaflets

Visual communication overcomes literacy problems, language barriers and reduces the need for time-consuming text-rich reading material or lengthy lectures.

Visual communication training material can help us to understand multiple situations or variables in an instant. 

Illustrated Health and Safety storyboard advising on hydration and using sun block during hot weather working.
Illustrated leaflet for EDF showing steps to achieving OTIF goal.
Animated Video

Animated Video

Produced for Morrison Utility Services with public safety as the objective. Shown in schools to educate young children, the videos and activity pack won 3 national awards including the National Joint Utility Groups Communication Award - and also the Sir George Earle Trophy.

Examples of illustrated DVD sleeves for community safety around streetworks videos.

Below is a clip from 'Jack's Lucky Escape'

(in collaboration with Century 21 Projects and Digital Habitat Productions)

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