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Cartoon and Illustration

I've produced many illustrations for a variety of customers in many different styles.

Cartoons and illustrations are an effective form of visual communication. They are interesting, hold focus and are fun.


Visual communication is extremely effective across a range of institutions, from education (adults and children), health and safety or other business training/awareness media, as well as product branding for advertising, presentations, marketing and prototyping.

 Here are some examples:

© Nigel Spaven 2021
SureStart winter timetable illustrated cover showing carers and children having fun in a wintry park.

SureStart winter timetable cover

Health and Safety - communication in the workplace and on site

Woman pondering her options for buying or renting a house.

Financial Advisory Services for Women

Cartoon dog bathing in a bathtub with back scubber.

Branding for a Pooch Parlour

Santa in low carbon footprint glass sleigh.

Corporate Christmas card design

Illustrated WW1 British soldier
Illustrated British soldier from Napoleonic War.
Illustration showing harmony in the workplace

Illustrations for Heugh Battery Museum, Headland, Hartlepool

Cartoon of hungry pig with knife and fork

Piggy's Eatery

Colourful illustration with music theme
Colourful illustration with science theme

Designs for school awards

Illustration of thief breaking into a car.
Illustration of burglar looking through heavily secured front door.

Middlesbrough Borough Council Anti-Theft campaign

Fine Art
Water tribe wearing shell helmets and seaweed clothing walking across ocean floor towards a light in a cave.
Dog portrait in colour pencil
Illustrated peacock in vibrant colour
Portrait of young woman in lead pencil.
Native American illustration in biro with sepia colour wash.
Greedy businessman devouring what is left of planet earth.

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