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Welcome to SpavenArt

website of the award winning cartoonist and illustrator

Nigel Spaven.

Visual communication has an instant and lasting impact. The brain processes images faster, and also retains much more information when a message is delivered visually - consequently producing a more lasting impression. Illustration for Education, Training, Product Branding, Health and Safety, Advertising or just for fun!


Available in all styles: Cartoon, Illustration, Fine Art, Animation, Caricature.

For more information please click on the images below and feel free to contact me.

Health and Safety Illustration

Four young children with two adults beside a frozen pond in winter with ducks on the ice. One child and adult making a snowman.
Illustration of slips, trips and falls on a work site.

Book Illustration

Wizard rabbit at home in his cosy rustic cottage with blazing log fire and cat curled up in a chair. Rainbow spectrum colours shining through a high, round window.

Educational Illustration

Early learning pack produced for the BLAST programme. Storybooks, colouring pages, word association, spelling and communication aids.

Fine Art

Animated Video

© Copyright Nigel Spaven 2021
Tribe of underwater people walking across the ocean floor. Dressed in shell helmets and seaweed clothing.
Animated community safety videos for schools and early learning.

Contact me for a free quote.

Tel: 07816 254151

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