Miscellaneous bits and pieces

I've produced many illustrations for a variety of customers, here are a few examples.

© Nigel Spaven 2021
Four young children and two adults having fun in a wintry park. Feeding ducks on a frozen pond, adult and child building a snowman. Snowflakes falling.

SureStart winter timetable cover

Woman with 3 thought bubble containing potential house or flat purchase.

Financial Advisory Services for Women

Happy dog in the bath with bag scrubber and lots of bubbles

Branding for a Pooch Parlour

Santa taking off in a glass sleigh, a present from Glass Futures company. Employees in background at entrance of company building, waving goodbye to Santa and Rudolph.

Corporate Christmas card design

Large pig with tongue hanging out, holding knife and fork.

Piggy's Eatery

Vibrant, colourful composition with piano keys, a conductor, musical notes bouncing off a drum, sheet music, cello.
Science school certificate showing molecules and scientific formulas and scientific achievements

Designs for school awards

Young adults

Young Adults Support Programme

Anti Car Theft Illustration

Middlesbrough Borough Council Anti-Theft campaign

A greedy corporate guy devouring the earth

A doodle...

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