Health and Safety Illustration

Visual communication plays an important role in conveying ideas and data to employees and customers. The brain processes images faster and retains much more information when a message is delivered visually.


As the idiom goes: 'a picture paints a thousand words'...

Illustration showing workplace harmony with a group of employees getting along, as opposed to another group who are fighting.

Visual communication increases the aesthetics of any presentation, manual, leaflet, handbook, or poster - making information easier to process and understand.

Hazard Awareness

All work is bespoke and branded with your company colours, logo, specific PPE, plant and setting. This creates familiarity and helps the message to land.

Professional design service is available, with text and visual layout. Final high resolution artwork is supplied ready for your print or web requirements.

Slips, Trips and Falls poster showing female meter reader slipping on ice outside a domestic property.
Poster with title 'What Good Looks Like' showing various illustrations depicting the workplace, including office, induction area, toilets and car park and how to keep things safe and in good order.

Operational Standards

Detailed illustrations showing correct site set up and procedures.

These visuals were part of a very successful campaign, with Lanes Group achieving the 'Health & Safety Initiative of the Year Award' issued by Construction News.

Railway line catchpit maintenance & cleaning by a team of 6 operatives working at night. Area is barriered off with bunting. Powerful lighting placed around the work site. Operatives in full PPE.
Hot Cure procedure, showing refrigeration van containing underground drain lining which is being held above a 3 tier scaffolding platform by a crane. Operatives on top of platform guiding the lining down into a manhole.
Non Highway Blockage Clearance operation being carried out in Piccadilly Circus at night by two operatives. One operative guiding a hose from the back of a van into a manhole, the other operative taking readings. Site is coned off with bunting and barriers around the manhole. Both operatives wearing full PPE.
Operatives from Lanes Group performing ambient cure operation on customer driveway, highlighting all of the safety aspects involved.
Construction site with lots of hazards, including using stihl saw without mask and ear defencers, overflowing waste skip, untidy storage container, unsealed chemical container, operatives talking beneath a cranes load, discarded PPE, idling vehicle, fire left on in unoccupied office, trip hazards all around.
Illustrated poster showing hazards on a construction site, with forklift truck backing into the walkway having moved the barrier. A lorry reverses into a cement mixer while the banksman looks at his watch to see how long until lunch time.

Storyboards and Leaflets

Visual communication overcomes literacy problems, language barriers and reduces the need for time-consuming, text-rich reading material.

Storyboard with 8 illustrations and text showing the procedure when controlling a roadworks site during an incident and how important communication is between supervisors and the team.
Illustrated tri fold leaflet for EDF showing OTIF strategy and the stages for achieving their goal..

Animated DVD's

Produced for Morrison Utility Services with public safety as the objective. Shown in schools to educate young children, the videos and activity pack won 3 national awards including the National Joint Utility Groups Communication Award - and also the Sir George Earle Trophy.

Three examples of roadwork safety videos for schools.

Here's a clip from 'Jack's Lucky Escape'

(in collaboration with Century 21 Projects and Digital Habitat Productions)

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